Sunday, January 31, 2016

Unit 3 (Utilitarianism) Assignment

[Note: I've posted this late, so you have until W 03 Feb (classtime) to complete the essay and response to another student's essay. Note that entries shorter than 250 words (essay) or 100 words (response) will lose points. - Professor Pat]

  • Discussion Blog: 1st 3 students, explain how the principles of utilitarianism often guide your decisions; 2nd 3 students, how does Mill account for those who lose their youthful enthusiasm, noble character, and interest in “higher faculties” as they get older?; and last 4 or so students, how and why does Mill distinguish between our intentions and the consequences of our actions?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Unit 2 (Gert) Assignment

  • Discussion Blog questions: 
  • 1st 3 students, According to Gert, why are the Golden Rule and/or Ten Commandments a poor basis for morality?”; 
  • 2nd 3 students, “How do moral goods and moral evils differ from other kinds of goods and evils?”; and 
  • last 4 or so students, “What is the rational basis for Gert's ten moral rules?”

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Unit 1 Assignment

Discussion Blog (Assignment): Socrates was a moral hero, a brave man of great virtue, and a mentor to Plato and other young men. Describe someone who has played a similar role in your life. Give a particular example of their moral courage. 
  • 250 words in your initial post
  • 100 word response to a fellow student
  • Due Wednesday 20 January 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hi folks, and welcome to Professor Pat's section of PHL 325, Professional Ethics, for Spring 2016.

You will find the various readings and other support materials in the Course Documents area to the right of this field. 

We'll use this space for the weekly Blog Discussions. I'll post a question in this field, and then you will use the "Reply" feature to post your essay.

Thank you,  I look forward to the semester.

Professor Pat